Make - Ups

Make-Up Online:

 Click on "Make-Up Programs" in the bar at the top of the page and read one or more of your choice. Then click on "Request Make-Up" at the top of the page. A page will appear explaining how you can make a contribution. You may either make a contribution by mailing in a check or through PayPal. If you choose not to make a contribution through PayPal, just click on box "Click here if you have already made a contribution or Do not wish to make a donation at this time." Complete the pages asking for your information and ideas you gleaned from the program(s) read. On the last page, in the blank asking for your club secretary's address, make sure you type in After completing this page, click "Submit." Your make-up form should go directlly to Irene at Economy Drug who keeps track of all the make-ups for Pikeville Rotary. Check in the following week's Rotator to make sure your name is listed for a make-up. If not, call Irene at Economy Drug (606-437-7333) and let her know.